Hi & welcome to my site! 

I am a beach lover, not only on sunny days. The beach is such a great place to let go & reset your energy.


After working for almost 25 years as a journalist for a local newspaper (Haarlems Dagblad), a women's magazine (Avanta Magazine, out-of-print now) and as a freelancer (several kinds of media) I am now active as an independent writer.  I combine this with several kinds of (creative) exploring.


A great deal of my writing and creative exploring (art/ photography) is inspired by the outdoors. All nature photos I share here are mine.


Being out and about not only gives a lot of joy. It also makes us connect to what truly matters. By taking in the beauty and surprises of nature we wake our sense of wonder- and open up to more creativity. And creativity is a door to so much more. 

I really enjoy outdoor painting (plein air painting as it is called). If the weather allows...of course. 
Below are some photos of me in my studio in Haarlem & painting outdoors in a weekly painting class led by Henny Stevers.


You can find me on instagram adehaas66. Or click on the logo here: