Here are some  photos of the beach and the surrounding area (dunes) mostly near my home in Holland. 


Endless views

I really love the clouds & the endless views the beach offers.

It just makes you realize how much more there is, beyond all we can see...

Just walking and watching always immediately gives me a wider perspective on life and the many things I am going through.


As I feel the wind in my hair,
and hear the sound of the waves…
I can do nothing but relax….


Before I know it, I just seem to forget about all my million worries, realizing how small they are- compared to all that is.


Play of light

And of course the play of light on the water or the dunes, is really fascinating as well.


So much beauty - you cannot stop watching.


With my photos I hope to pass on a bit of that beach magic and the 'go with the flow-feeling' that it offers us all.
And who knows, maybe you'll plan a trip there. Even better!


You can find more of my photos on instagram: adehaas66

and I will add new ones here regularly as well.