During my years as a journalist I published these books:

Eindeloze Passie (House of Books 2006)

was written while I was together with my Russian boyfriend, who lived in Norway.
I traveled a lot between those two countries, and to the places where he performed as a musician.
During my travels I met a lot of other 'multicultural couples' who were also finding their way through long distance love.
I interviewed several of them and combined their stories with my own experiences. 
Plus: I added lots of information on the practical sides of these kind of relationships - and how
it often teaches you to be flexible and creative. 


The cover photo, by the way, is not us.
And it was not my choice, but the publishers 😚


Cement (2002-2004) - gemeente Haarlem

 a series of three small books made together with a group of freelancers in Haarlem. 
We portrayed people in Haarlem with jobs that don't fit into the category of 'big money' or 'being a great success'.
But where would we be without them? The bicycle repair man, the shoemaker, the busdriver etc.
They are in way the 'cement' of our town and talk about their jobs with love and dedication..

Peptalk voor vrouwen (1996, Bosch & Keuning)
was written with my colleague Helen Siegel, while I was working for Avanta Magazine (a women's magazine that went out of print). The book is full of tips for working women - how to organize things around your job/private life/staying relaxed etc.